Short Circuit Studies

Short circuit studies are not only required to determine the interrupting adequacy of protective devices, but are also used to determine the impacts of the fault on the system voltages. More inexpensive computer analysis software that does not have the ability to quickly determine plant bus voltages at locations remote from the fault can only be used for interrupting rating calculations. This ignores a very significant effect within any industrial plant.

When a fault occurs in a system, voltages can become significantly depressed on other remote buses within a power system. As a result, the lowered bus voltages remote from the fault can have a significant impact within a system. That is, equipment shutdown. Therefore, the system should not only be analyzed for fault effects on the faulted bus but also for the impacts within the rest of the system.

Quadrelec Engineering Corporation uses EasyPower® software that has the capability to show within a one-line system diagram the bus voltages at all buses remote from a fault. The system can therefore be rapidly analyzed to determine the impact that a localized fault has within the rest of the system.

To our knowledge we are the only consulting firm capable of presenting system analysis results directly into a MicroStation CAD drawing with the drawing customized to suit your drafting standards for colors, levels, line weights, text fonts, and border sheets. This is automated using a Microstation MDL application developed by Quadrelec Engineering Corporation.

Sample Drawings
If you would like to download a sample drawing to plot or review where this capability is demonstrated, select from the following:

  1. System One-Line (Size = 275kb)
  2. Fault Study Results (Size = 406kb).

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