Since 1993 Quadrelec Engineering has been dedicated to providing high quality engineering products and training for all of our clients. My direct personal involvement in every project, coupled with 49+ years of experience in the electrical industry, is targeted to provide you with quality engineering products. Our decades of active membership in electrical professional societies, most notably I.E.E.E. and LPI, highlights the importance of ongoing education in all technical areas. Of special importance to government entities is our specialization in the areas of military construction. To our knowledge we are the only electrical consultant capable of providing EasyPower power system analysis one-line diagrams in Microstation® format. Some of our studies for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have become de facto standards for the Corps.

Proper system configuration and design is paramount to providing a system that will perform reliably over the economical life of the electrical system. Too many times, electrical power systems are designed to only comply with the minimums required by building codes. This leaves the owner with a system that, while functional, is far from being reliable and economical to operate.

Power distribution systems, the backbone and lifeblood of any facility, can produce high operational costs when improperly designed. A reasonably reliable and economical power system can only be achieved when designers possess expertise in the technical area of protective device coordination and component reliability. Our field experience in the area of resolving power quality problems in actual industrial environments results in system designs that avoid problems up front instead of after the fact.  Our experience and that of industry shows that electrical systems must be designed by addressing the system as a whole entity rather than merely as a set of interconnected subsystems.

I believe that your experience with us will be one that will result in a long time relationship. I will be very interested in detailing how Quadrelec Engineering can satisfy even your most demanding needs.


Charles Pratt, P.E.


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