Microstation MDL Applications

If you are looking for a program that will save time producing custom EasyPower one-line diagrams on your own border sheets  within Microstation, this is the program you are looking for. In fact, if you are using SendCAD within EasyPower to plot large systems, this is the only way to go. It allows you to break up a large system for plotting on your own border sheets by using the reference file capabilities within Microstation. If you have already tried importing an EasyPower DXF file into Microstation, you already know that everything comes into the drawing at one weight, one color, and with only the default text font. This makes plotting the drawing difficult, especially if your plotter uses color for line widths.

 This program is a Microstation MDL application that imports a DXF format file created by EasyPower using SendCAD®;. It allows the user to control all element weights, levels, colors, and text attributes. A custom cell library is used to convert the DXF blocks to cells. The user can modify this cell library to suit requirements.


What is EasyPower®;? If you are using any other software for power system analysis other than EasyPower then you are probably not using the best software available. For more information on this power system analytical tool, check out their website at: http://easypower.com/

Quadrelec Engineering Corporation has developed the following Microstation MDL application designed to run within Microstation. This MDL application has been in actual project use for over 12 years. It has recently been recompiled to run for Microstation v8.  We are no longer supporting Microstation J or previous versions of EasyPower. It is fully compatible with EasyPower v 8.0. If you would like to download a demo copy that has no feature limitations other than an expiration date, select the file name next to  "Download" below. Be sure to select the proper file depending on the version of Microstation you are using.


Microstation Version 8 Converter v4.0

EasyPower® v8 DXF Files




         296 kb


 November, 2011


 Do not change
 the filename in any way!

The "expwrdxf.dat" file for v4.0 is not compatible with previous releases of this converter. Therefore you must delete the old ezpwrdxf.dat file before running the new program.

Installation Notes:
This self-extracting zip file will only unzip the application files in the directory you direct it to.

Warning: If you are merely updating your expired copy of the demo, backup any files that you have customized, such as cell libraries and the settings file "ezpwrdxf.dat". Otherwise, you may loose your custom files in the update process.

Once unzipped you must move the extracted files to the locations noted in the readme.txt file. The instructions assume that Microstation  is installed in the default directory used by Microstation for a stand alone computer. If you have installed Microstation in some other directory, you will need to be familiar enough with Windows to locate the installation directory. If you are operating on a network, see your system administrator.

The demo copy will be usable until the expiration date shown above.

Sample Drawings
If you would like to download a sample drawing to plot or review where the capability of this program is demonstrated, select from the following. These files are self-contained with no reference files.

  1. System One-Line (Size = 275kb)
  2. Fault Study Results (Size = 406kb).




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