Power Quality Surveys

Providing power to voltage sensitive equipment, such as computers and medical equipment, is imperative for proper equipment operation and reliability. Many times power system voltages are too unstable or contain voltage transients that impact reliable equipment operation.

Even common motors suffer from power systems with sags, dips, phase unbalance, harmonics, and improper system voltages. Overall machine performance  and throughput can many times be improved  and motor failures reduced by providing power with better characteristics. Premature motor damage can be avoided by mitigation of adverse harmonics.

The proliferation of computers and variable-speed motor drives has introduced abnormally high harmonic loads within most buildings. Consequently, buildings designed to support older equipment types are seeing premature failures to motors, transformers, and conductors. These damages result from overloads caused by these high harmonic loads.

Another problem commonly experienced is the shutdown of variable speed drives due to voltage transients and high harmonic system voltages. Unnecessary shutdowns of this nature can be minimized by providing relatively clean power within the facility.

Quadrelec Engineering can assist in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of electrical power systems that do not provide you with clean reliable power. We have the equipment necessary to isolate the following problems within your system:

Transient voltages

Sags and swells in system voltages.

High harmonic loads and resulting loading of equipment.

System diagnosis utilizes Hioki 3196 and Fluke 43 power quality meters. Please contact us for more information.

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