Welcome I.E.E.E. Members!

Through a collaboration between the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (I.E.E.E.) and Quadrelec Engineering Corporation, you can now further your education without compromising quality for convenience.

10% Discount Information

As an I.E.E.E. member, you will receive a 10% reduction off the regular tuition rate if you enroll in any course or program from Quadrelec Engineering Corporation.

To receive the 10% discount you must:

  • be an I.E.E.E. Member at the time of enrollment
  • enroll in a credit or non-credit course
  • enroll in one of Quadrelec Engineering Corporation's special programs or courses
  • order an offering available through this site

The courses currently qualifying for the 10% discount under this program are the following:

For registration for this course, click on the course title above.

Notice: For I.E.E.E. members to receive the 10% discount their I.E.E.E. member number must appear on the registration form.

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