Grounding and Lightning Protection Attendeee Feedback

"Grounding for lightning protection systems was helpful becaue it explained how to calculate side-flash distances for system design." S, USACE 2021

Most helpful: "Understanding the why of low voltage and high voltage grounding systems. Going beyond following the rules of a code to provide information as how thes are used. Learned about misconceptions in the industry." E., US Navy

"Despite llightning and surge protection not being relevant to my work, my company is now prepared to offer such services should the opportunity present itself." J., Ohmega Engineering 2021

Most helpful: "High voltage grounding. I work at a generating station and have not had much exposure to high voltage grounding topics. This course will help me with design work.""Great high level , technical course", J., Talen Energy, 2023


Full student names have not been provided to protect the privacy of the individuals.


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