Power System Protection and Coordination Attendeee Feedback

A sampling of what our previous attendees have said as part of their course evaluation. We have yet to have anyone rate the class as very good  (9+ out of 10) so these comments were somewhat unique or more verbalized. Some of them were from the feedback forms where they were asked what information was most helpful to them.

"Excellent- Learned a lot and had fun too! this is very rare", M. USACE, 2005

"Very  good! I will recommend this course to other engineers" J., Ontario Power Generation, 2006

"Very good. I would highly recommend this course. Training materials were commendable." D., Conoco Phillips , 2008

"Course was wel taught. Very organized. Course material provided was excellent and correalted to class." R., FAA, 2008

"This is a very good course", O., Cummins Power Generation, 2008

"Probably the best training course I have attended. Well instructed for both inexperienced and experienced, relevent, thourough and excellent resource material." D., MN Power 2008

"I thought the class was very good. I learned a lot of information." E., MN Power 2008

"Excellent, good size class, allowed for open discussion." M., FAA 2009 (13 attendees)

"Great info. Wish it was longer" J., Burris Engineers

"Very good class. There was a lot to learn, it can be challenging due to the complexity of the topics. That is the nature of the class. I certainly learned a lot of new subjects and it an advantage to have the workbook with examples and instructors comments in the workbook." E., USMC 2009

"Gained knowledge that I will be able to go back and apply to my job" M. US Army 2010

"Very good course with great information. Highly geared towards engineers" J., Augusta Service Co., 2010

"This is the best training course that I have ever had. There were a lot great information presented. My brain is overloaded this week." T., USACE , 2012

"Great job. Very much like the theory followed by the practical with some lab work!" M., USACE 2012

"Very informative. Presented very well." A., Capital Power Corp. 2012

"This is an excellent course which covers from A-Z of what an engineer needs to kno w in the area of protection and coordination. I would highly recommend this course to other engineers." T., Tampa Electric Co. 2012

"Great course. Thur and Fri examples really helped solidify topics discussed during the lecture." P., Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 2013

"Great course. Learned a lot more than I thought. Mainly surprised to by the low voltage through medium voltage topics" W., USMC 2013

"Hands on exercises a very helpful." S., Excelon Corp. 2013

"A religious experience for an electrical engineer..enlightening and affirming" A., Howard Engineering 2013

"CT saturation and calculation of saturation level because that topic isn't well covered in other courses. " P., Capital Power

"Very good course. Extremely knowledgable instructor." T., Gold Eagle Corp. 2013

"Great course with broad enough scope but gets into just enough details. Liked the learning activities of real problems." R., Nebraska Public Power 2013

"I will be recommending that my senior engineer attend this course" B., Morrison-Maier Engineering, 2014

"I was very impressed with the class. In paticular the handouts and take home materials far exceeded my expectations" S., Kohler Corp. 2014

"Very impressed with the quality of the course + the instructors practical experience." M.,  Downing  Services 2015

"Excellent - Best course I ever went to" D., Whitlow -EPC ,2015

"Enjoyed the class. Mr. Pratt knows the subject and appears to enjoy what he is doing." J., Lawson Electric

"Great class! Wish more of the classes were taught on protective device coordination principles." M., Northstar Energy , 2016

"Very well put together, like the notes on the slides." N., Calumet Specialty, 2017

"I learned a lot from the course., rule of thumb and examples will surely help me to do power system protection and protective device coordination in the future." M., Phillips 66, 2018

"Transformers and generator protection was very helpful because it will help me understand better how to adequately protect these systems."J. USN, 2018

"Great course. Best coordination course I have taken." R., Peoples Electric Co-op, 2019

Most helpful: "Discussion of real world phenomenon (i.e. pre-heating of fuses) as that is not something discussed in typical codes and standards." D., Oak Ridge Nat. Labs, 2022

"Device protection. I now understand symmetrical ratings" J., ORNL, 2022

Most helpful:"Grounding protection because I lacked experience in that area." A., ORNL 2022

Most helpful:"Discussion of transformer connections and their impacts on fault currents." A. , DOE 2022

Most helpful:"Ground current flow for a fault on secondary of a grounded-wye-grounded wye transformer. May cause feeder ground fault relays to trip." S., ORNL 2022

Most helpful:"What to look for in coordination curves to get the best coordination and how to model it correctly. What trade-offs you can live with and what is the most important.""Excellent course, engaging and full of intormation. Very helpful for job application." M. , ABB, 2021

Most helpful:"The way of tackling a coordination study from an experienced instructor, showing important tips and advice. Gives you a big picture." M., 2023

"Motor protection analysis th emost helpful to my job, mainly because our group manages the calculations for our plant", M. , Talen Energy, 2023

"This is the BEST technical training I've ever attended. Each subtopic was covered in suficient depth for practicing engineers, including details on the software that aren't found in other courses or on the internet." S., U.S. Navy 2023


Full student names have not been provided to protect the privacy of the individuals.


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