Arc Flash Protection Analysis

The industry requirements for electrical power systems safety mandate that  employees must be protected from the dangers associated with power arc flashes. An arc flash study is critical to the proper selection of personal protective equipment and proper safety procedures. An arc flash study establishes the required protective equipment that must be worn by electrical personnel while working on energized equipment. Not performing such a study will result in either under or overprotected employees during routine maintenance tasks. This type of study is required by OSHA and NFPA 70E.

The arc flash study requires the same engineering work that goes into a protective device coordination study.  That is because to properly apply the equations in NFPA 70E or I.E.E.E. STD 1584 the engineer must know both the fault current levels at each piece of equipment and the amount of time it will take for the protective devices upstream of equipment to trip and clear any arcing fault.  Thus the time vs. current curves must be analyzed at each bus and precise type or style numbers of protective devices must be known.  Based upon the fault current and clearing times of protective devices, a tabular report is generated which shows the required protective equipment levels at each bus.  These reports are then used for work permits and for printing equipment labels in accordance with computations per OSHA Standard 29, I.E.E.E. 1584, and NFPA 70E. This is all accomplished using the EasyPower software.  For more information on how the software works and additional information on arc flash dangers go to EasyPower Inc.

We can also assist you as part of this study in complying with the NFPA 70E and 70B requirements for updating your existing system power system plan and one-line drawings so they are accurate and complete.  We have capabilities in drawing production using both the Microstation and AutoCAD software.  This ensures full compatibility with your facility drawing standards.  For a listing of our past projects follow this Arc Flash Analysis link.

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