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Through a collaboration between the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (I.E.E.E.) and Quadrelec Engineering Corporation, you can now further your education without compromising quality for convenience.

10% Discount Information

As an I.E.E.E. member, you will receive a 10% reduction off the regular tuition rate if you enroll in any course or program from Quadrelec Engineering Corporation.

To receive the 10% discount you must:

  • be an I.E.E.E. Member at the time of enrollment
  • enroll in a credit or non-credit course
  • enroll in one of Quadrelec Engineering Corporation's special programs or courses
  • order an offering available through this site

The courses currently qualifying for the 10% discount under this program are the following:

Quadrelec Engineering Corporation has staff that has practiced design and analysis of electrical systems for commercial, industrial, utility, and government facilities for over 30 years.  This diversified experience is drawn upon to provide the student with course material that is broad in its technical basis.  Design guidance provided in these courses reflects this diversity of experience.

For registration for this course, click on the course title above.

Notice: For I.E.E.E. members to receive the 10% discount their I.E.E.E. member number must appear on the registration form.

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